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Europe at a crossroads


European leaders are uncertain about what direction to steer their economy as Mario Draghi ponders what kind of monetary policy the region needs following years of austerity. Draghi, the Governor of the European Central...

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Will Spanish banking stocks get any cheaper?


Earnings forecasts for Spanish companies are falling every day while prices are 29% higher than the euro zone average for banking stocks. In order to match this average, Spanish banking stocks will have to get cheaper...

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Government should watch Ibex 35 closely

As investors wait for Inditex to deliver its earnings results in mid-June (probably the 13th), companies on the Ibex 35 have finished the first quarter worst than expected. Sales of all companies listed on the index...

Power bill changes could help Spanish citizens

The productivity of heavy industry in Spain has shrank from 20% of national GDP to merely 12%.

Treasury has already sold half of its debt for 2013

The Spanish Treasury has managed its debt sales shrewdly this year, getting half of its financing needs for the year already and at better interest rates than it expected. Its strategy consists of ramping up debt sales...

Pending government reforms to benefit from falling risk premium

The slackening risk premium, which looks like it will head straight to 200 basis points above the German bund, is the best thing to happen to the Spanish economy in a long time. The interest on 10-year Spanish debt is...

New round of bank bailouts needed

The financial sector's underlying problems have not been fixed after restructurings across the industry in 2012. But there are still some loose ends to tie up, and more public bailout money will be needed. Credit...

Draghi does his part, lowers interest rates

ECB leader Mario Draghi stood tall in his role as ECB chairman yesterday, following the script that the EU wrote, lowering interest rates to historic lows of 0.5%. But he didn't take any concrete steps to ensure that...

Regional governments carving up secret deals

Even though they are hiding it, the Ministry of Finance and the Catalonian government's Economic Council are holding meetings aimed at increasing the region's deficit objective beyond 1.2% for 2013.

10 stocks to watch closely

Eco10 beats Ibex 35 by nearly 9 points

Eco10 beats Ibex 35 by nearly 9 points

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Nouriel Roubini

The Trapdoors at the Fed's Exit


Joseph E. Stiglitz

What is Italy Saying?


The advantages of expert advice

Since elEconomista was founded, the newspaper has committed itself to providing expert advice to small investors. In this mission, it has created several indexes: Eco10, Eco30, el Monitor, Ecodividendo and EcoFondo. In...

ICO clears up future for Chambers of Commerce

The government came to a decision yesterday that solves financing problems for Chambers of Commerce in Spain. The ICO, a state owned bank attached to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Compeitiveness and Spain's...

The path to economic and political consensus

The government forecasts that 3% growth will not happen within six years and that unemployment will remain at levels above 25%. Which is evidence that Rajoy and his staff don't have the road map for leading Spain out...

Montoro says no to lighter tax load

The government's reform agenda highlights the forecasts that it has made about the effects of recent decisions to heal the Spanish economy. A positive impact is expected for job numbers and the success of reforms to the...

Ministry of Industry to trim tariff deficit

The power tariff deficit has risen to 28 billion euros and the Ministry of Industry is prepared, once again, to reduce it once again by trimming 4 billion in annual spending.

Finance Ministry hits turbo on taxes

The crisis is putting a lot of financial pressure on taxpayers.

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Protección Civil y Emergencias avisa por altas temperaturas de hasta 39ºC que se alcanzarán este martes en Galicia

La Dirección General de Protección Civil y Emergencias ha avisado por altas temperaturas de entre 37 y 39 grados centígrados en el valle del Miño en la jornada de este martes y recuerda que el intenso calor favorece...

Australia to scrap plan for dumping near Great Barrier Reef - AFR

SYDNEY (Reuters) - Australia will abandon plans to dump 3 million cubic metres of dredged sand into the Great Barrier Reef area in its effort to create the world's biggest coal port, the Australian Financial Review...

COMUNICADO: Los precios globales de hotel continuan creciendo por quinto año consecutivo

MADRID, España, September 2, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Mención de Hoteles.com para el uso de este contenido


Las trabajadoras de limpieza de dos centros de salud se concentran este martes por impagos

Las trabajadoras de limpieza de los centros de salud de Gran Capitán y Almanjáyar, en Granada capital, se concentrarán este martes en protesta por los impagos de la empresa Sierra Nevada, que les adeuda dos...


Arsenal derrotó a Banfield en el final de la quinta jornada

Buenos Aires, 1 sep (EFE).- Arsenal de Sarandí venció por 1-0 a Banfield, mientras que Lanús igualó con Olimpo y Tigre empató con Quilmes en los tres encuentros que marcaron el final de la quinta jornada de la Liga...


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