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Service providers get short shrift

Bills still piling up for Spanish governments


The Finance Ministry's effort to keep town and regional governments from defaulting on service provider payments have paid off in terms of how much money is moving around the economy. Three payment plans put into effect...

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IPO priced too high

Endesa should lower its IPO price


Endesa is a major market player right now. As we wait on its IPO that the CNMV is unveiling today, it is obvious that the electric company's deal will be one of the biggest in Spain since 2007.

Getting rid of tax havens in Europe

CVC deal underscores why we need a common tax code


The private equity firm has finalized a deal to buy about a third of Deoleo, although the deal looks worse than it did previously according to the CNMV, which has focused on the excessively low price of 0.38 euros per...

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The doublespeak is flagrant

Corruption continues via pardons and undone reform


In any democracy, it is rare that citizens elect an official in hopes that he will pardon them for future crimes. But this is what Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy has done this week.

The latest buying spree in the US has come to an end

The end of a quantitative easing


The latest buying spree in the US has come to an end. As the markets expected, the Federal Reserve announced that it was finishing its third QE program that it started in March 2012, and the beneficial effects of this...

Liberbank was the only bank to fail

Healthy Spanish banks doesn't guarantee more loans


The Spanish banking sector passed the ECB's last stress test with flying colors. As expected, all the banks in our country, which represent 95% of the nation's financial sector, passed.

The tests arrive at a critical point

Spanish banking sector passes stress tests


The European Central Bank (ECB) and the European Banking Authority (EBA) will publish the results of their latest stress tests tomorrow.

Something needs to be done before November 6

Germany starts to make moves

Germany starts to make moves Comenta

Waiting until the next ECB meeting could have disastrous effects considering the fears that markets have about the European economy right now.

30 stocks to watch closely

Eco30 beats major indexes

Eco30 beats major indexes

Three years ago, elEconomista was the first news publication to create a global stock market index called the Eco30


Wolfgang Schäuble

Why Taxation Must Go Global


Barry Eichengreen

The Evolution of Devolution


Nov 12th

Aena's IPO deserves a closer look


A deal constructed to go public with 49% of Aena could founder on a simple procedural issue.

Franc, Spain and Portugal join forces

Solid backing for power interconnection


The last EU summit revealed that once again European nations do not agree on energy policy.

Germany is struggling

ECB holds the future, again


Germany is struggling.

Balancing the budget is a top priority

Managing the power tariff deficit


Ten years of poor management within the Spanish power sector has created a 30-billion euro tariff deficit.

Poster child

Woes in Europe, Spain grows

Bucking all forecasts, Spain has become the euro zone's poster child.

Lack of credibility

Carbures shows transparency missing from MAB

Carbures is reminding of the Gowex scandal and causing credibility in the MAB, Spain's alternative stock market for small-cap stocks looking to expand, to fall again.

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Los Mavericks renuevan el contrato con Nowitzki por 50 millones y dos temporadas

Redacción Deportes (EEUU), 23 jul (EFE).- Los Mavericks y Dirk Nowitzki han llegado a un acuerdo por el que el jugador alemán continuará dos temporadas más en Dallas, con 25 millones de dólares de salario cada...

UCLM aboga por un pacto regional que blinde la asignación presupuestaria a I+D+i ante cambios económicos o de Gobierno

La captación de fondos para investigación repuntó en 2015 hasta los 22,2 millones en 1.260 proyectos

Poetas, actores y filólogos: la cultura gana terreno en el Congreso de los Diputados

La Legislatura XII arrancó oficialmente el pasado martes 19 de julio con la constitución de las Cámaras elegidas el día 26 de junio, y entre los candidatos que han tomado posesión de su escaño en el Congreso de...

Hospitalizado un hombre en Beniaján (Murcia) herido en cuello por arma blanca

Un hombre de 41 años y origen magrebí ha resultado herido en el cuello por arma blanca, sin que se conozcan de momento las circunstancias del suceso, en la pedanía murciana de Beniaján, según han informado fuentes...

Localizan despeñado al montañero desaparecido en Oñati (Guipúzcoa)

El montañero de 69 años de edad y vecino de Usurbil desaparecido en una zona de monte de Aloña, en Oñati (Gipuzkoa), desde la tarde del pasado jueves, ha sido localizado esta mañana despeñado en la zona norte, ha...


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