Here Are The Entertainment Stories People Searched For The Most This Year

21/11/2013 - 16:11
Business Insider
Business Insider
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Ask.com revealed its top trending search terms for the year today. 
Since many of the site's more than 100 million monthly users search queries come in the form of questions, Ask.com compiled the top search terms along with their corresponding questions. 

Here are the celebrities and entertainment terms people searched most on Ask.com:

1. North West. Why is Kim and Kanye’s baby named North West?

2. Miley Cyrus. What did Miley Cyrus do at the VMAs?  

3. Cory Monteith. How did Cory Monteith die?

4. Paula Deen. What did Paula Deen say?  

5. Amanda Bynes. Why was Amanda Bynes arrested?

6. Lamar Odom. Is Lamar Odom on drugs?

7. Breaking Bad. When is the Breaking Bad series finale?

8. Reese Witherspoon. Where can I see Reese Witherspoon’s arrest?

9.  Fifty Shades of Grey. Who will play Christian in Fifty Shades of Grey?

10. James Gandolfini. Did James Gandolfini die?

And in case you're wondering, here are the top news stories and questions people searched most on the site:

1. Royal Baby. What is the royal baby’s name?

2. Boston Marathon. Where was the Boston Marathon bomber found?

3. Syria. Will the U.S. invade Syria?

4. Philippines Typhoon. How can I help victims of the Philippines typhoon?

5. George Zimmerman. Why was George Zimmerman acquitted?

6. Navy Yard Shooting. Who was the Navy Yard shooter?

7. Oscar Pistorius. Did Oscar Pistorius kill his girlfriend?

8. Ariel Castro. Who did Ariel Castro kidnap?

9. Detroit Bankruptcy. How far in debt is Detroit?

10. Benedict XVI. Why did Pope Benedict step down?  

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