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2019-02-28 15:53:50
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2019-01-02 17:19:00
Shanghái (China), 28 mar (EFE).- La aerolínea China Southern, la mayor de Asia por número de pasajeros, anunció hoy un acuerdo con la estadounidense American Airlines por el que amplía su capital y le vende el 2,68 % del total del nuevo accionariado por 200 millones de dólares.
  • 28/03
2017-03-28 07:00:12
By Aref Mohammed
  • 15/01
2016-01-15 14:07:28
ALGIERS (Reuters) - Algerian security forces arrested seven Islamist gunmen on Tuesday in the remote southern area of In Amenas, close to the gas plant where a deadly attack took place in January 2013, the country's defence ministry said.
  • 12/01
2016-01-12 18:48:06
ADEN (Reuters) - Three senior southern Yemeni officials survived a suicide car bomb attack on their convoy in Aden and a subsequent gun battle that killed three of their guards on Tuesday, a government spokesman and security sources said.
  • 5/01
2016-01-05 15:40:29
ADEN (Reuters) - The governor of Aden and two other senior southern Yemeni officials survived a rocket-propelled grenade (RPG) attack on their convoy in the port city on Tuesday, a government official said.
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2016-01-05 13:56:59
By Suleiman Al-Khalidi
  • 30/12
2015-12-30 14:43:31
BEIRUT (Reuters) - The Syrian army said its troops entered a rebel-held town in the southern province of Deraa on Wednesday in an assault which rebels say was aided by the heaviest Russian aerial bombing campaign so far in the south.
  • 30/12
2015-12-30 13:04:01
BEIRUT (Reuters) - Syria's army backed by heavy Russian air strikes clashed with rebels holding a town on a supply route close to the border with Jordan on Wednesday as part of a major government assault to try and regain southern territory, rebels and residents said.
  • 30/12
2015-12-30 12:40:03