Germany starts to make moves

21/10/2014 - 1:50
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Waiting until the next ECB meeting could have disastrous effects considering the fears that markets have about the European economy right now. Something needs to be done before November 6 to address what the organization will do to help economic growth, because Draghi has added no new strategies of late.

He has said that the Bundesbank was a major influence in the ECB. But weeks later, we don't feel that is very true. While the economic status quo has worsened such that Germany's central bank is talking of a recession in their country and buying up Spanish and French notes.

Germany's move is significant. It shoes that all-powerful Schäuble is forging an investment plan with Sapin, his French counterpart, in order to stimulate the private sectors in both countries. This could a mutually beneficial relationship for them and the region at large.


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