SkyCross Reveals New Products and Technology Platform as Well as Partnership Program to Advance Development of Next Generation WirelessBroadband Front-End Solutions

21/02/2013 - 11:00

To further advance the development of next generation wireless broadband front-end solutions, SkyCross today unveiled new offerings for wireless device manufacturers and service providers, including VersiTune-LTE+Wi-Fi, the industry´s first tunable LTE plus Wi-Fi antenna solution for multi-band communications; a high-performance NFC product line; and the SkyCross Innovation Partnership Program (SIPP). SkyCross, the leading global developer of advanced antenna and RF solutions, will showcase its offerings at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2013 event, to be held in Barcelona, Spain February 25 - 28, 2013.

"The advent of LTE and carrier aggregation presents many new opportunities for innovation, collaboration and industry growth. Advancements with new NFC products and integrated LTE/Wi-Fi technology are the result of SkyCross´ continued efforts to assist mobile device manufacturers and service providers in the adoption of LTE services and solutions," said Ben Naskar, CEO and chairman of SkyCross. "We´re committed to partnering with the industry´s leaders in delivering the high-performance solutions to ultimately encourage consumers to take advantage of advanced services and functions offered on today´s next generation, high-speed networks."

New Innovations and New Partnership Enable Breakthroughs for Smartphones and Tablets

There is growing momentum toward the adoption of NFC technology on mobile devices. In fact, a recent projection from ABI Research forecasts shipments of 285 million NFC-enabled devices in 2013, most of them smartphones. To address this anticipated demand, SkyCross unveiled its new, high-performance NFC product offerings, the SkyCross NFC FlexAntenna and the SkyCross NFC BatteryBack. As with other SkyCross products based on its iMAT® technology, the new NFC solutions provide the highest performance while also enabling very thin form factors. The company is currently shipping samples with several new projects underway.

Additionally, following its launch of the VersiTune-LTE Antenna with MatchTuneTM technology at CES 2013, SkyCross revealed its VersiTune-LTE+Wi-Fi technology platform, which delivers the industry´s first tunable LTE plus Wi-Fi antenna solution for multi-band advanced LTE devices in a single antenna structure. The addition of Wi-Fi support, while providing adequate isolation from higher-frequency LTE signals, is an unprecedented industry feat and enables smartphones and tablets to be tuned to a broad range of frequencies without the need for multiple antenna structures. This results in the ability to build a single model SKU that is smaller and sleeker. SkyCross is currently working with leading reference design partners to bring this solution into product form.

SkyCross Innovations Partnership Program (SIPP)

Despite the myriad of advancements in LTE technologies, SkyCross recognizes the need for the next wave of innovation to come from integration on the RF front end as well as within systems. As such, the company will launch the SkyCross Innovation Partnership Program (SIPP) at Mobile World Congress 2013 to address the demand for innovation of complete solutions for the RF front end and integrated modules. The objective of the partnership program is to bring together industry leaders to improve existing products and deliver new innovations in RFFE solutions, speaker/antenna modules and NFC, Wi-Fi and GPS antennas to ensure optimal integration with other components.

"The next wave of performance, size and cost innovation will come from close partnerships between antenna companies and RFFE and peripheral partners. We´re beginning to work with leaders in the wireless communications industry to collaborate with us to reset the standard for wireless broadband front-end solutions," concluded Naskar.

To request a meeting with SkyCross during MWC 2013, please contact skycross@stearnsjohnson.com.

About SkyCross:

SkyCross is a leading global designer and manufacturer of advanced antenna and RF solutions. SkyCross offers complete consultative RF design services and antenna solutions ranging from integrated modules, to traditional and advanced antenna solutions, to reference designs for advanced antenna and integrated RFFE solutions. Its consultative RF design process combines industry-leading technology expertise with highly experienced engineering to enable next generation wireless solutions for mobile and connectivity applications.

SkyCross´ unparalleled experience in producing a family of VersiTune integrated modules and antennas based on patented advanced technologies including iMAT®, beam-forming, pattern diversity and closed loop tuning enables customers to bring to market the most innovative RF products available today.

The company is headquartered in Fremont, California with full-service manufacturing facilities in South Korea and Greater China.

SkyCross, the SkyCross logo, MatchTune TM, VersiTune TM, and iMAT® are trademarks or registered trademarks of SkyCross in the United States and certain other countries.



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