Here's The Paper Bag That Jil Sander Is Selling For $290

30/08/2012 - 15:45
Business Insider
Business Insider
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Fashion designer Jil Sander is selling this brown paper bag—yes, you read that correctly—for $290, according to couture blog
The bag is pretty much the same as a regular paper bag that you might receive for free from your local deli.

The main differences seem to be the stitching, that the paper is coated, and—of course!—it carries the Jil Sander logo.

If you really, really like this bag—for heaven's sake, don't dump it in the recycling!—you might be interested in the $630 black leather version.

Now get ready to see some beautiful photography of the designer sac papier.

It has a “long rectangular silhouette” made from 100 percent coated paper.

You can see the craftsmanship on the stitching.

It has a trendy name, the 'Vasari.'

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