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iovation Awarded Patent for Network Security and Fraud Detection Technology

    iovation, the device reputation authority for the Internet, today
    announced it has been awarded a patent by the U.S. Patent and
    Trademark Office (USPTO) entitled Network Security and Fraud Detection
    System and Method, U.S. Patent No. 7,272,728. The subject matter of
    the ´728 is part of the core elements of iovation´s innovative device
    identification technology and reputation management platform, which
    uniquely identifies Internet-enabled devices connecting to a network
    and shares the reputation of millions of devices across multiple
    networks to protect online businesses from all forms of fraud and

    "This patent underscores the uniqueness of our solution and we
    will continue to develop innovative tools that leverage device
    reputation to significantly enhance the fraud detection capabilities
    of our customers," said Greg Pierson, CEO of iovation. "The rapid
    growth of online fraud and abuse has created unprecedented demand
    among businesses struggling to identify fraudulent devices that are
    often hidden behind multiple identities and accounts. The ability to
    proactively expose and share device reputation information in order to
    stop fraudsters before they can strike is a clear competitive
    differentiator in the online marketplace."

    The core elements of iovation´s Device Reputation Authority (DRA)
    including device identification techniques, the use of device
    identification to understand the relationship between accounts and
    devices on a network, and the sharing of device reputation within and
    between networks. iovation focuses on the physical device, not the
    individual user, to transparently screen for fraudulent transactions
    and abusive behavior. Today, the DRA maintains the reputations of more
    than 16 million devices and supports iovation´s ReputationManager(TM)
    and AccessManager(TM) products that enable online businesses to make
    better informed decisions to reduce fraud and abuse, improve
    operational efficiencies, and increase revenue through more precise
    risk management.

    "This patent furthers iovation´s leadership position in device
    reputation detection," said Robert Rueckert, senior investment manager
    of Intel Capital, which recently invested $10 million in iovation.
    "iovation´s landmark technology is paving the way for stronger
    device-based fraud management solutions that prevent online fraud and
    abuse, and the irreversible damages they can cause to online
    businesses and their valued customers."

    About iovation

    iovation, headquartered in Portland, Oregon pioneered the use of
    device reputation for managing online fraud, abusive behavior and
    multi-factor authentication. Today, iovation manages the reputation of
    millions of Internet-enabled devices worldwide, allowing its customers
    to control online fraud and abuse while benefiting from sharing device
    reputation intelligence. For more information on iovation and the
    company´s products, visit www.iovation.com.